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Amy Williams

Amy Williams
REALTOR® Associate ~ Pronouns: she/her




A Little About Amy
Amy is from an exceedingly small town in East Texas, Lone Star, Texas. It was a one of everything town with a post office, grocery store, discount store and a Dairy Queen. When she graduated from Daingerfield High School, 7 miles from Lone Star, she moved to the big “D”, Dallas that is. She lived in that area and worked as an admin assistant for big name IT companies like Texas Instruments. In 1993, she moved with her parents from Texas to the Mid-South Area and then soon after made her home in Memphis, TN. She is the proud mother of two young but grown, 19- and 26-years old daughters and her sweet little granddaughter Lola Grace! Her husband and she have called the Memphis area their home since the late nineties.

Regarding Her Real Estate Career
She became a realtor in 1994 in Dyersburg, TN. They did not have the online MLS as we know it today, they used a BIG book. She loved Real Estate then and she loves it now, however, she had to take quite a long break from it as a single parent. Over the years, she yearned to get back into it and in 2017 she finally decided to get it done! By early 2018 she had renewed her Tennessee license. She jumped back in full force and now she is looking forward to also being licensed in the state of Mississippi.

Being ethical and doing the right thing by every single client is of upmost importance. she services all people of any price range in the Memphis area. She looks forward to every possibility to help someone. She is not just a part time Real Estate Agent; she is working a fulltime professional job and she is deeply passionate about the business. She enjoys working with all her Real Estate Agent friends and Professionals in reaching the goals of the buyer or seller.

Her Experience & Community Service
Over the years she worked Sales and Customer Service jobs, finished her bachelor's degree in Psychology, worked as a personal Trainer, volunteered for Houston High School Choir and was on the board, and started a Neighborhood Watch Group in South Cordova. Her background has been well rounded for her to be in the business of Real Estate. She loves building relationships and making new friends that she can help with their Real Estate needs. She is using all her experience and background to benefit her clients. She has other volunteer opportunities coming up very soon that are aligned with her values. She places a high priority on giving back to her community.

She has a passion for health and fitness and helping friends and family. She really loves to run and be in 5k races that donate to a worthy cause. If she could find a running partner for the wolf river trails, where she can connect with nature, she would be thrilled. She plans to participate in Yoga soon because she realizes the many health benefits from this form of exercise.

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