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Kim Harper

Kim Harper
REALTOR® Associate ~ Pronouns: she/her
Midtown Office: 841 S Cooper St., Memphis TN 38104
TN License: 346138

Kim Harper began her career in real estate in 2003 as a travel coordinator and corporate trainer for a large multi-family REIT after obtaining her B.A. in Foreign Languages and Literature at the University of Memphis. In 2005 she assumed the role as the CEO’s assistant and office manager for the Memphis headquarters. As the company grew over the next 12 years, she oversaw the ongoing renovations of the existing office building as well as the interior design of the new 90,000sf office space. 

After becoming a realtor in 2018, Kim applied this wealth of experience and knowledge to the residential real estate market and quickly earned a reputation for going above and beyond to meet each client’s individual needs. 

Why did you join real estate?

Quite by accident! I happened to graduate college in December and couldn’t find a high school teaching position right away. I had administrative experience and family member suggested I interview a for a position in the training department of a Memphis-based REIT. I had my heart set on becoming a high school teacher but accepting that entry-level role was the best decision I ever made because it introduced me to real estate.

What drives you as a realtor?

I find it difficult to put into words how passionate I am about what I do. I enjoy connecting with people, learning about their needs/wants, and being a small part of their life as they buy or sell their homes. I gravitate towards clients who are analytical thinkers because they keep me on my toes with their challenging questions. I learn something new every single day.

I also love the actual properties. Every house is unique and I never tire of exploring them, especially with first-time buyers. I had no idea what I was getting into when I bought my first house, so I spend a good bit of time teaching buyers to look beyond a home’s features and defects and to see the possibilities. It is rewarding to watch them gain this knowledge so that when they make an offer they can do so with confidence. 

If you had seven minutes to spare, how would you spend it?

Browsing Reddit. I’ve been a redditor for over a decade and I enjoy answering real estate questions in the Memphis forum as well as learning from other realtors from all over the country.

Community involvement

My child (now a healthy teen) was treated at St Jude Children’s Research Hospital for acute lymphoblastic leukemia as a preschooler. We continue to support the hospital by speaking to groups of donors about our experience and participating in ongoing research studies. 

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