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Ashley Monroe becomes a Habitat for Humanity “Blue Hat”


Ashley Monroe becomes a
Habitat for Humanity “Blue Hat”

After completing training on June 29th, Monroe is now a “Blue Hat” volunteer leader


Photo Courtesy of Captain and Co. Real Estate LLC

Ashley Monroe recently became a Blue Hat after completing training on June 29th, 2021. Blue Hats are specially-trained volunteers who help lead volunteer groups in the Memphis Habitat ReStore. In practice, they are the people who volunteers come to with questions and guidance as they work in the Memphis ReStore. Monroe is a perfect fit, and has navigated the role throughout the many barriers created by the covid19 pandemic.

Just as with her job as a REALTOR®, Monroe wears many hats in the role. She needs to be a leader of volunteers, be aware of the store, and handle the various donations. In her life as a REALTOR®, she’s managing buyers, sellers, and brokers – along with staging and contract negotiation. She continues to find ways to best use her talents, which is clear by her taking the initiative to become a leader and finding different committees and roles within the Habitat organization.

The through line of all her service is her work with people. “It’s just a whole bunch of great people getting together and we’re getting together for a purpose,” said Monroe. When asked about what makes her keep coming back? “Well, just because I like what they do. I like that they help people get housing that otherwise couldn’t and I actually started volunteering to work with the build part of it and I kind of fell into the ReStore.” She still wants to work on the build side, but for now, she’s happy to be helping a cause that’s close to her heart. “It’s all about helping the families.”




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