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Ben & Megan, First Time Home Buyer

My husband and I met Fara at an open house she was hosting. We weren’t seriously looking at houses at that point, but we had been to several open houses to get a feel for what we could afford, and what area of town we were interested in living in. A few days after the open house, we received a Thank You card from Fara, the only one we received after meeting and talking with several agents. I told my husband that Fara knew how to grow her business and that when we were ready to buy a house, we should go with her. Well, a few months later, we were ready, and we called Fara to set up an appointment to see a house we were interested in. From the first moment of contact, Fara was helpful and supportive and answered all of our questions and concerns. As first time home buyers, having someone like Fara helping us through the process was very reassuring. She was responsive and knowledgeable, and answered all of our calls and emails, even when she was on vacation. I would highly recommend her, whether you are buying or selling.

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