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I appreciate Marissa's helpfulness and attention to my questions.


Fara and Marissa were amazing to work with. They both have "glass half full" outlooks, and have the ability to keep it real while maintaining the patience of Job.

Jordan and Rachel

Fara took such great care of us. The whole process was smooth and we'd highly recommend Captain & Co. to anyone buying their first home.


I was selling a home in Memphis, but I resided in North Carolina. I was very pleased with how all of the paperwork was handled via Docusign and did not require me to travel. Shannon was professional and prompt when answering questions.


I wouldn't have made this journey without Fara, a true miracle worker!! Love my experience!!


Marissa and Fara are the absolute best! Their advice ensured we got an offer in 48 hours! And the price we wanted.

Charles and Jonathan

I first reached out to Amy Williams at Captain & Company almost 3 years ago and knew right away she was a special realtor. Over the last year my partner and I were renting a house that we liked and wanted to buy. The house had switched owners during our lease term and had a whole host of issues that gave us great pause on whether or not we should buy the house or if it was even going to be possible. When we started the process to buy and after a month long mortgage application process we didn't get approved for financing and had almost gave up. She wouldn't let us. It was coming down to crunch time. The company who bought our house made it clear they were going to turn around and sell it again. They were not going to continue our lease and said directly that if we didn't buy it someone else would and we would have to move. She had a backup finance guy and he was able to get us approved. Once that was over she had to negotiate and renegotiate with this investment company for some favorable terms and came through spectacularly. She was so diligent and persistent and kept me level headed through all the times I threw up my hands and said I was done. She didn't let us quit and give up our chance at homeownership. I know even though we didn't have to be shown any houses she put in a ton of work to make this deal happen that I don't think many relators would have. It wouldn't have happened without her I can safely say that as long as she's in business I will never buy or sell another house without her by my side.


Fara is great to work with, very knowledgeable and understanding. We will continue to work together on future projects.

Caitlin & Parker

Marissa was wonderful helping us and answering all of our questions. We will be using her in the future!

Anna Marie and Dan

Fara and Marissa were amazing to work with.  They were prepared with real data to help us assess our home value, provided realistic recommendations to help us stage our home effectively, and managed our expectations regarding the actual sale of our house.  They both have excellent communication, providing what we needed to know in a timely manner and were always very responsive to our questions.  We highly recommend Fara and Marissa with Captain & Company.
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