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Chris & Melissa

Making the decision to buy a house together was something we were excited about but we knew we needed help during these wild real estate times. Chris and I both needed to sell our houses and wanted a fresh start in a place we picked out together. We told Marissa & Fara that we wanted to either be on Walnut Grove lake or in a house with a pool. A cool mid-century modern was also at the top of our wish list.
They literally made all of our dreams come true! We sold both houses AND found a dream MCM on the lake all in one month time frame. Marissa took great care to answer all of our questions (and we had many) and coach us through the process. Fara asked us what it would take for them to get a score of 12 out of 10 at the end of this process and yhey made good on all of it! Patience, thoroughness, care, attention to detail, support, and helping us manage our expectations made it a smooth process for us.
This is a really hard time to find a house and a really great time to sell. Managing the chaos carefully to get us where we wanted to take great skill. We are forever thankful!

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