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Classic Midtown Memphis Real Estate

Classic Midtown Memphis Real Estate

If you’re looking for Midtown Memphis homes for sale, you’ll love this blog article. We’re going to talk about the different neighborhoods and why people from all over the world fall in love with this area. Whether you’re looking for a new home or want to check out some beautiful architecture, read on to discover more from some of the top Midtown Memphis realtors.

Midtown Memphis Real Estate Neighborhoods

This slice of Southern heaven has vast borders. Where Midtown starts and ends is largely debated by Midtowners. To give you a general idea, Midtown starts from 240N/40N Loop and extends past Rhodes College near E. Parkway. It stretches to the north and as far south as sections of  Vollintine and Southern Avenue.

Midtown expands almost into Downtown Memphis. But the very heart of Midtown is recognized by locals as lying within the borders of North Parkway (north), Southern Avenue (south), East Parkway (east), and Highway 240 (west). You’ll find some of the most charming and historic neighborhoods in Memphis. These include:

  • Vollintine Evergreen (VECA)
  • Cooper-Young
  • Annesdale
  • Central Gardens

Midtown is called home by a diverse group. These include long-time Memphians, single Millennials, and new families. Besides impressive homes, there are some of the most prestigious churches in Memphis. Its wonderfully central location makes it perfect for short commutes into Downtown. It also has easy access to the campuses of St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital.

More About Midtown Memphis Real Estate


Midtown Real Estate
Although the architect is varied, Midtown Memphis neighborhoods are famous for classic foursquare homes, bungalows, and some Victorian homes – most graced with wide porches on lovely tree-lined streets.


These are neighborhoods families grow up in, and Millennials put down roots. Here are the main areas you want to make sure you check out and a little bit about each one:


Annesdale Park

Annesdale ParkThis classic neighborhood is known for its foursquare and bungalow architecture.

One of the most famous estates is the Annesdale Mansion, previously owned for 160 years by the prestigious Snowden family.

Currently, the mansion is used for private events and weddings. Besides this estate, there’s a school also named after the Snowden family.


East Parkway


Running alongside Overton Park, East Parkway is popular for its central location.

Homebuyers can find almost any home size and price in the East Parkway area, especially if you like classic architecture and unique homes, each with their own personality.

You’ll find beautiful shade trees, mature landscape, tree-lined streets, and friendly neighbors.




Cooper-Young Real Estate Memphis TN


This eclectic community is the hip place to live, has high-walkability, and is extremely bike-friendly.

One of the most charming things about this community is that no two homes are alike.

There’s something for everyone’s taste and price range from brick bungalows to Victorians and foursquare homes.



Vollintine Evergreen (VECA)

Midtown Memphis Evergreen


The Vollintine Evergreen Community is anything south of Vollintine and north of Popular or Overton Park.

Locals take pride in Vollintine Evergreen. Memphis Zoo is withing those Veca boarders.

This is a fun neighborhood to live in because there are lots of restaurants, coffee shops, and bars nearby.




Crosstown Concourse

One of the newest developments in Midtown Memphis real estate is the Vertical community called Crosstown Concourse.

This fairly new community has increased the value of homes around the Crosstown area.

This vertical community offers upscale apartments for rent. And, in nearby neighborhoods, there are always single-family homes for sale.


Central Gardens

Central Gardens Midtown Memphis Real Estate

If you’re looking for a traditional Midtown Memphis houses for sale, check out Central Gardens, where you’ll stroll down tree-lined streets with one and two-story homes with welcoming porches and diverse craftsmanship.

From classic brick homes to two-story houses with shutters and porches, the exterior designs vary.  Many of the interiors have hardwood floors, arched doorways, and beautiful woodwork – these homes are classic.


Hein Park

Hein Park
This prestigious area is loved by locals and home to many Rhodes College professors.

You’ll feel like you’re in the country because there are no sidewalks and very little street lights.

For those homebuyers who want to live in a large mansion on plenty of acres, they can find just what they’re looking for in Hein Park.


If you’d like to see what Midtown Memphis real estate has to offer, the local professionals at Captain & Co. are here to serve you. We can show you beautiful homes in your price range currently on the market. And we can let you know what may be for sale soon. Whether you’re ready to make a move now, or if you’d like information about the area, contact Captain & Co.



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