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Marissa Hertzog Named YMCA Board Secretary

Marissa Hertzog Named YMCA Board Secretary

Following an Initial April 2020 appointment, Hertzog is appointed for an additional year as Board Secretary in June 2021

Photo Courtesy of Captain and Co. Real Estate LLC

Servicing all of Memphis, the YWCA is known for its work with survivors of Domestic Violence – providing women in need of shelter and other services. Less known, however, is the work done for children and members of the community. A population of over 250 children are receiving before and after school care, which often provides them a chance to eat, study, and come in contact with mentors. For the community, the YWCA provides classes and events to educate and support them in subject areas ranging from financial literacy to interview preparation.

Marissa Hertzog didn’t know the full breadth of the YWCA’s community involvement until she started volunteering in late 2019. She wanted to help women who were in domestic situations that they needed help to get out of. She knew that the YWCA worked with this community, and jumped right in. Soon, she was working with a team of volunteers that worked hand in hand with local Memphis police – partnering with officers on DV calls.

Being part of a team doing such great work, Hertzog wanted to do even more. She joined the board in April 2020. Ever since she’s found places to make the greatest impact. She started working with the outreach subcommittee and is currently serving on the racial and social justice committee. Her recent appointment as secretary is a testament to the work she’s done at the subcommittee level.

“People might know that we work within the Domestic Violence arena, but they aren’t aware that we operate the largest 24/7 shelter in west tennessee,” Hertzog said. “They don’t know that we do so much more than that, too. The YWCA has an entire building for community classes.” In a recent interview, Hertzog listed some of the many classes her subcommittee has been a part of providing to the community, but one issue was clearly close to her heart. “These are skills people need to lift out of poverty. Financial literacy is the gateway.” This isn’t just talk for Marissa. She is a broker/agent with the local real estate agency Captain and Co. Real Estate LLC, a boutique real estate firm whose mission is to end inequality in the housing market.

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