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Neeta & Gael

Fara is more than a relator. Her work is deeply tied to values of justice, honesty, and abundance. She is committed to the success and happiness of her clients beyond what I have ever experienced in working with other relators. Fara helped us narrow in on what we would meet our needs based on our current resources and future goals. She walked us through financial and logistical aspects of home ownership so that we could properly plan and prepare for the process.

Fara stays up-to-date on the latest city development and planning in Memphis so we were aware of what growth could be expected for each area in the long term. Her construction background is a plus as she was able to answer general questions about renovations, foundations, etc. In addition, Fara went to bat for us. Fara is invested in the city herself and we could tell that she was advocating for us as she would for her own. We could trust her.

I highly recommend the experience that is working with Fara. She will be fair, tell it like it is, and is dedicated to your success in the home buying process. As a client, you are supported by her network & community too. I would not hesitate to rely on her knowledge and keen business sense again!

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