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Recognizing Dylan Patel

Recognizing Dylan Patel

Congratulations to Dylan Patel for completing his first year as a Memphis Grizzlies MENTOR


Photo Courtesy of Captain and Co. Real Estate LLC

Congratulations to Dylan Patel for completing his first year of service with MENTOR Memphis Grizzlies. “MMG is an affiliate of the National Mentoring Partnership (MENTOR), the unifying champion for expanding quality mentoring relationships in the United States. MMG serves as a clearinghouse for training, resources, awareness, and advocacy, providing the critical link between MENTOR’s national efforts and local organizations and programs that foster and support quality mentoring relationships.”

Soon after moving back to Memphis, Patel was looking for a way to serve his community. As the school year was approaching, he learned of the MENTOR Memphis Grizzlies (MMG) program. He signed up as a volunteer and chose a local school. “I was raised in Memphis, I went to these city schools,” Patel said. “I know how it is… I can see how something like this would have benefited me.” 

The MENTORs split up into smaller groups – allowing for their group of 7th grade boys to let their guard down a bit when they’re separated from their female classmates. The MENTORs are supplied a prompt through the program and facilitate a conversation. “I guess this is where the mentoring piece comes in,” mused Dylan. “We share about ourselves, and try to let the conversation flow where it goes naturally.” The small group discusses topics ranging from recycling and anti-racism to not bullying and being open minded. It’s about “seeing things from a different perspective and ultimately becoming a better person,” Dylan shared. “Genuinely, they’re a good group of kids… they give their thoughts and they all have their own different personalities. I enjoy it.”

Congratulations to Dylan for completing his first year with MMG and sharing his story! The boys are so lucky to have you help them become the young men we know they are capable of becoming! Go Griz!


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